Gina Photo Bags Holiday Deadline Extended!

Orders received by November 15th at noon will be done in time for Christmas!  Here is a list of the styles available for the extended deadline:Classic Medium Handbag, Classic Tote Bag, Classic Medium Handbag with Bamboo Handles, Classic Tote Bag with Underglass, My Everything Bag, Casual Luxury Medium Handbag, Casual Luxury Tote Bag, Dana Tote, Emma Bag, Fairfax Medium Handbag, Fairfax Petite Handbag, Julia Handbag, Roxbury Handbag, Audrey Handbag, Black and White Candy Bag, Denim Candy Bag, Candy Bag with Leopard, Christine Bag, Janie Handbag, Canvas Pocketbook, Cosmetic Bag, Large Cosmetic Bag, Kody Journal, Men’s Canvas Wallet,Kayla Wristlet, and the Nicole Bag. (Orders and images must be submitted by the indicated deadline)

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